Our board of trustees bring a wealth of experience in pediatrics, research, and community health,
and are affiliated with leading academic institutions and foundations in Pakistan and globally

Dr. Anita Zaidi

Director of Enteric and Diarrheal Disease Program; Co-director, MNCH Tools
and Discovery Program, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Dr. Asad Ali

Associate Professor and Associate Dean,
Aga Khan University and Hospital


Mr. Mir Asghar Ali Khan

Senior Manager, Research and Grants Division,
Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University


Dr. Ayesha Mian

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry; Dean of Students
Aga Khan University and Hospital


Dr. Babar Sultan Hasan

Associate Professor and Chief of Pediatric Clinical Services
Aga Khan University and Hospital


Dr. Imran Nisar

Assistant Professor,
Aga Khan University and Hospital


Ms. Midhat Fatima

Co-founder & Director,
TEXT, Pakistan